Arizona State University MyASU Student Portal  login

Discover MyASU Student Portal, how to sign in and provide Parent Guest Access. Get insights on how to best leverage your student portal.

April 24, 2023
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Arizona State University MyASU Student Portal login


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MyASU Student Portal: An overview

MyASU student portal is your online gateway to access services at your university. Here you can access your:

  • College program
  • Classes
  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic support
  • Finances
  • Residency status
  • College events and news
  • Communities at ASU
MyASU Student Portal guide
MyASU Student Portal Guide

How to access MyASU for the first time/How to Activate MyASU

You have to activate your MyASU account before logging in to the Student portal for the first time. To activate your account:

Go to your email that you used during applying to Arizona State University

Check for the Activation Code

  1. Check for the Activation Code by opening an email from with the subject "ASU Account Activation." 
  2. Alternatively, check for the Activation Code from the ASU Arizona State University admission letter

Go to the MyAsu Activation page.

Enter your activation code

Setup your MyASU account 

How to login to MyASU Arizona State University

  1. Visit the MyAsu Arizona State University Login page:
  2. Enter your ASURITE User ID
  3. Enter your ASURITE Password

MyASU Arizona State University login
MyASU Arizona State University Login

MyASU ASURITE Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, 

  1. Visit this page the MyAsu Asurite Forgot Password page.
  2. Enter your ASURITE USER ID
  3. Check your email for password recovery email

MyASU Parent Guest Access

Parents, guardians, siblings, and spouses play an important role in the lives of students. Arizona State University has the same view: With MyASU Parent Guest Access, parents, guardians, siblings, and spouses can be granted guest access to the MyASU Student Portal.

Arizona State University MyASU Parent Student Portal Guest access allows authorized individuals access to 

  • The status of admissions and academic status including major and college 
  • Class schedule and grades 
  • Finances: covering loan status
  • Campus Housing status

Access the MyASU Parent Guest Access to login as a parent.

MyASU Parent Guest Access
MyASU Parent Guest Access

Students: How to Authorize MyASU Parent Guest Access

  1. Login to My ASU and click the Profile button 
  2. Click the Add a Guest link in the Guest Access Permission box in the lower right 
  3. Link in the MyASU Guest Access Permissions box in the lower right of the screen. Fill out the Add a Guest form and select the Send Email and Submit button when finished. Provide your guest with the validation code you receive. You can do this by text, phone call, or in person, but we recommend that you do not send it by email for security purposes

Parents and Guardians: Accessing MyASU Parent Guest Access for the first time

  1. Go to your email that was provided during set up of MyASU Guest Access
  2. Check for the Activation Code

Check for the Activation Code by opening an email from with the subject "ASU Account Activation." 

  1. Go to this page for ASU Account Activation.
  2. Enter your activation code
  3. Setup your MyASU Parent Guest Access account