The 10 Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework

No one loves doing homework. Select from out top 10 excuses for not doing homework (bonus excuses included) to get you out of a tricky situation

April 24, 2023
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The 10 best excuses for not doing homework

Who loves homework?

Most students complain that they receive too much homework and want no more homework. Equally students feel that homework is boring and exhausting. 

With such options, students have to make the choice between completing their homework or getting the best excuse for not doing their homework. Optionally, there is a third option: at Write Paper 4 Me we have over 200 tutors who can do your homework and deliver guaranteed stellar grades. 

In this article we rank ten excuses for not doing homework that we know you will love.

10. The dog ate the homework

Tried and tested, this has been the ultimate excuse for not doing homework for eons. 

Pets have borne the brunt of numerous excuses by students. Unfortunately, this excuse has been used time and time again for decades, which creates suspicion from teachers whenever it is mentioned.  

9. It was already done, I must have forgotten it

Denial. Denial. Denial.

Students love this excuse because it buys them time to complete the homework. It also paints the student as industrious but they just forgot to bring in the assignment. 

Great excuse, the only problem is that it is a common excuse that will put you in the bad books of your teacher. Teachers can see right through this excuse and believe the student is fooling them. 

8. I did not want to do it

This excuse is a mark of confidence. #rizz

When a student starts with this excuse, it is an admission that the homework has not been done and will not be done. 

Such an excuse leaves the teacher perplexed on whether to accelerate the failure to complete homework to become a discipline issue to be addressed by guardians and school management or to just let it go. Students have to be open to the impact of both options. No wonder this excuse is only best for extreme situations or where the student has carefully evaluated their instructor’s temperament.

If only this excuse could apply for WileyPlus, we could not have any need for Wileyplus homework answers.

7. Excuses linked to the truth

Saying the whole or partial truth will result in being reprimanded by your teacher. For this excuse to sail through, students should have a solid history of doing homework. As such, the failure to do the homework will be an anomaly. 

However, if the student has past history of not doing homework, this excuse will fall short. 

6. I had too much homework from another class

This is not an excuse that any teacher wants to hear. However, it might just carry the day especially when numerous students have the same complain.

It can be valid depending on whether another instructor overburdened them with homework. Unfortunately, it is indicative to the instructor the low priority of their homework in comparison to other homework options.

Here are the best five excuses for not doing homework

5. I did not understand the homework

Students should do their homework without assistance from parents or siblings.

If a student has not understood their homework, it is a valid excuse. To increase the validity of the excuse, students should point out what they did not understand or need help. However, the student should not use this excuse often. 

4. I had too much extracurricular activities

This excuse is not entirely too stellar but it is truthful and might just carry the day. This excuse points out a valid problem. The teacher might not like the excuse but it will definitely work especially if the school or teacher are big on extracurricular activities.

3. I was not in class when it was being handed out

This is a top excuse. Students should have this excuse in their arsenal and milk out its benefits whenever there are in a situation that befits it.

Despite this being a top excuse, students cannot use it every time. 

2. I was sick

Here is a five star excuse. 

It ranks as a top excuse because it is a valid and verifiable excuse. During sickness, students are unable to be active that will curtail their ability to do homework. 

The only downside of this excuse is that it cannot be used too often given the sporadic nature of sickness. As such, students cannot use this excuse as they please. 

1.  Blame it on a broke computer, library closure, electricity termination, or internet outage

We live in the age of the internet. Assignments are handed digitally. Class notes are also accessed online. A broke computer or lack of internet will break down the capacity of the student from accessing their homework or class notes. 

This excuse ranks as the best since any of these circumstances will affect the student’s capacity to deliver the homework.

Bonus excuses for not doing homework

Beside these top ten excuses, here are bonus excuses that you can use.

  • I left it the homework in the school bus
  • I left the homework on the counter
  • My brother tore up the homework
  • My brother pranked me by putting the homework in water
  • My mom took away my homework to get me in trouble
  • My grandparent died. I had to attend the funeral.
  • I had a headache
  • It was too easy