Is Homework Illegal In America?

imagine if homework was illegal? In the distant past, homework was illegal in America. Is it still illegal or should it be illegal?

April 24, 2023
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Is homework illegal in America?

What is homework?

Homework is a set of assigned offline or online tasks given by the teacher/lecturer to students as a means of improving their understanding of a particular topic. Usually, homework is meant to supplement the information that is not included in lectures and is intended to encourage learning outside the classroom.

Why do teachers assign homework?

  1. Homework assists schools in assessing their kids' learning potential. It lets school officials differentiate between fast learners and those who may want further assistance.
  2. It is a way for students to practice what they learned during designated school hours, and it is also a way to help them think about the things they learned outside of school.
  3. Continual studying by doing homework boosts students’ academic performance and increases their college acceptance rates. 
  4. It helps students build academic curiosity and leads to self-learning. It also helps students build self-confidence, believe in hard work, and build life skills. 

Is homework illegal in America?

Homework is not illegal although homework is slavery. It does not rank among the violations of criminal law such as murder, assault, and arson nor does it rank among the violations of civil law such as negligence or breach of contract. 

It is perfectly legal to assign students homework in America. However, at one time homework was illegal in America. At the turn of the 20th century, there was a crusade by Ladies’ Home Journal who stated that homework was harmful to the health of students. In 1901, It led to the state of California banning homework for children under the age of 15 years. The ban was not long standing and was repealed in 1929. Since then there has been limited interest in banning homework among legislators in the United States except for a district in San Francisco that entertained the idea in1994. 

When does homework feel illegal

Despite homework not being illegal, it does feel illegal in some instances. Here are the top five instances where homework feels illegal that can convince any student that homework should be banned.  

Homework assignment during summer vacation

Imagine being assigned math homework during summer vacation.

Homework is not illegal, but why assign it during summer vacation? During summer, students get time off from the complexities of school life to do as they please such as gaming, partying, and pursuing hobbies. Summer is the appropriate time for visiting the beach or going on vacations while also reconnecting with family and friends while also building new relationships. 

It is just unfair for students to be assigned homework during this time of unhinged fun. It sucks in all the fun of summer.

Homework assignment during weekends or holidays

Holidays and weekends are times when students should not be involved with school work. Having homework on weekends disrupts any plans for the weekend or holiday. Yet this is the time for social activities and pursuing interests. Instructors overreach by allocating homework during such times. 

Homework assignment when engaged with extracurricular activities

Students have various interests outside studying such as participating in sports, choir, and drama cannot have sufficient time to do their especially when it is Cengage Mindtap homework. Such interests often take up significant time for preparation, training, and performances. The benefit of extracurricular activities is that they hone talents and can be an alternative pathway to joining college.  

Having to juggle between homework and extracurricular activities feels illegal. It is strenuous because of exhaustion after participating in extracurricular activities. 

Homework assignment when sick or when facing personal challenges

When teachers assign homework when students are sick feels illegal. Alternatively, the student may be facing the passing of a family member and may be unable to concentrate in class. In either circumstance, it feels extremely illegal to be assigned homework.

Too much homework

The main reason why students feel homework is illegal is because they have been given too much homework. In a study at the University of Houston, about 80% of students identified that they receive too much homework. 

Too much homework occurs when students receive homework from multiple instructors day in day out. It results in students facing undue pressure to complete their homework. In such instances, it feels illegal for instructors to constantly overburden students.