Is Homework Slavery? Insights From The 13th Amendment

The 13th amendment protects your right to freedom but homework denies you from constitution given freedom. is homework slavery?

April 24, 2023
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Is homework slavery?

Homework eats up valuable study time, actually valuable time. Time that could have well spent on pursuing hobbies, building relationships with family, or even gaming.

These concerns are shared among a large portion of students from leading universities such as Purdue University, who identify that students are given too much homework. It is brewing a hatred towards homework.

"I'm too tired every day to deal with homework" says Karen a high school student from Los Angeles. "Can we get rid of homework already?" Another student quipped about the amount of homework they have been allocated this year, "this is slavery, I'm not exaggerating.

In these circumstances, most students are just bored of homework and wish to see it abolished from schools. They do not concur with the benefits of homework or feel that homework improves grades.

Is homework against the 13th amendment to the Constitution

The 13th amendment to the Constitution, which outlawed slavery in 1865 after the Civil War, was ratified by Congress in 1866 and states: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude... shall exist within the United States."

This Constitutional Amendment has not been updated since it went into effect more than a century ago.

The American Constitution protects its citizens from involuntary servitude. This means it prohibits anyone from being subject to labor except where such service includes work necessary for an individual's own self-protection or that protects another person’s life or health.

The constitution is clear: if any person is found to have willfully assisted in enslaving or entrapping someone else can be fined $250 up to $5000 and imprisoned with an additional three years added onto his current sentence.

Homework does not count as "punishment for crime" or "involuntary servitude", which means it does not violate the 13th amendment of the constitution. As such, homework is not slavery.

Sara Porter, a Milwaukee high school student complained, "One of the most recent online assignments I had was to log in to my online class and write a paper on history and government. It took me an entire day, which means that my Saturday is gone now. For what? One measly assignment."

She is not alone. Math homework, especially, feels like homework.

Despite the fact that the claim of "homework is slavery" has been debunked from a legal perspective, it pretty much feels like slavery. Most educational institutions subject students to too much homework that feels like slavery. Excessive homework can lead to unwanted school absence because students may feel too overwhelmed with their tasks at hand.

What steps need to be taken for homework abuse to stop?

1. Teachers should not assign more than two hours of homework per night on average (about 20 minutes) and they shouldn't require students to do it at home in their free time. Assignments can also be done during class with immediate feedback from instructors when necessary

2. Students must have the option as an alternative assignment or task: if there is no other work that needs doing then there is nothing wrong with taking another break before tackling college homework again. If all professors agree about this policy change, we would see reduced rates of Constitution violations among students due to excessive stress while completing tasks

3. If professors can't come to an agreement, they should at least agree to reduce the time spent on homework and find a way for students to have more breaks in between an assignment.

4. Schools need to invest more money into eliminating Constitutional violations by providing adequate resources such as paper, pens/pencils or computers with internet access so that all students are able to complete their work without going against the Constitution."

Homework is slavery: Support the movement to abolish homework

I think the Constitution prohibits slavery, don't you? I'm not sure how to fix this problem--maybe if we start a petition or something like that. A petition would work wonders in supporting the cause of abolishing homework.

Actually, at you can support a petition to ban homework.  It says, "The 13th Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude; homework is an example of such a condition."

So if you agree with that--that Constitution should protect us from compulsory labor like homework--then sign the petition. And we'll see what happens from there!

All in all, I think this problem can be solved by getting people to support our cause on The Constitution protects us against slavery unless it's not assigned too much, so maybe they could make regulations about how many hours per week students are allowed to spend doing their work at school," or whatever it takes to get people interested enough in ending homework for good.

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