Utah Valley University's myUVU student portal guide

Tips on how to get the best out of your myUVU student portal. Get insights on how to best leverage your student portal.

April 24, 2023
Student Help
Utah Valley University's myUVU student portal guide

Among public universities, Utah Valley is a top 50 university. It is a highly accredited university with top-rated undergraduate programs in Engineering (#151), Computer Science, Nursing (#356), and Business. 

The university’s high ranking is a testament that its classes are top-notch and require students to serve their A-game in class. We have over 200 tutors available for Utah Valley University Tutoring Help who will not only help you wade through hard topics but also excel in your classes.  

MyUVU student portal: an overview 

Utah Valley university's online student portal, MyUvu, serves as a platform where students can access multiple online services. Key service categories include IT services, financial aid, campus resources, and information resources. 

MyUVU Canvas portal

Canvas is a learning management platform that supports online learning in teaching. Utah Valley University relies on Canvas for its online and hybrid learning classes. 

On the MyUVU Canvas portal, students will learn to submit assignments, take quizzes, and engage in discussions with classmates. 

How to log in to MyUVU Canvas? 

  1. Go to www.uvu.instructure.com 
  2. Enter your UV ID and Password pair in the appropriate fields 
  3. Click the 'Login' button

MyUVU Canvas
MyUVU Canvas login page

Additional sign-in options

  1. Students can also sign up with Windows Hello or use their Windows security key. 
  2. You can also sign in using your GitHub personal account 

MyUVU sign-in options
MyUVU sign-in options

MyUVU Canvas Proctoria?

What is MyUVU Canvas Proctoria? Proctoria is a third-party service, which integrates with Canvas for exam proctoring 

How does MyUVU Canvas Proctoria work? Proctoria flags any suspicious behavior when taking Canvas quizzes and exams. It for example locks down the browser to prevent access to files on the computer. 

What do I need for MyUVU Canvas Proctoria to work? Students have to use the Chrome browser. You will also have to use a personal computer or laptop that has a camera and microphone. 

Where Can I Find More Info on MyUVU Canvas Proctoria? You can find more info on exam prroctoring visit theCanvas Exam Proctoring page.

Student Resources available on MyUVU

Utah Valley University Academic Advisory

To receive help from an academic advisor, you can visit the MyUVU advisor page.

Here you will receive help with the following academic advisory services

  1. Access the Utah Valley University application process.
  2. Learn about academic standards (GPA requirements) and available academic coaching as well as Writing Help services.  
  3. Access academic peer-to-peer tutoring.   
  4. Review advisory services from the Career Development Center. Optionally access the internships at Utah Valley University.
  5. First-generation, low-income, and/or students with a disability can receive scholarship support through the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS).
  6. The Utah Valley University has established success centers to cater for specialized student needs. The univerity has a multicultural students success center, women success center, and veterans success center.
  7. 200 tutors who can deliver online class help including math homework tutoring, statistics homework help, and accounting homework tutoring.

Disability and accessibility

Utah Valley University Housing Resources for students

Student Testing Services 

Additional Student Resources

You can access a wide array of student resources that will surely make your university experience a tad better.

  1. Access information about campus group events such as club activities, you can visit this page 
  2. Access the campus store.
  3. The MyUVU campus connection has formation on how you can obtain your UVU ID card, pay for replacement card, and change your personal info.