Purdue University Student Portal Guide

Learn tips to tackle Purdue University student portal log-in challenges. Get insights on how to best leverage your student portal.

July 18, 2023
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Purdue University Student Portal Guide

Purdue University West Lafayette ranks as a top 5 National University. It is the main campus in the Purdue University system that also includes Purdue Fort Wayne (PFW), Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Purdue University Northwest, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Purdue University Global, and Purdue University Online.

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Purdue university has an online gateway for students to login to view programs offered by the University. It has separate platforms for its campuses: Purdue Fort Wayne PFW student portal, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis student portal, Purdue University Northwest student portal, Purdue Polytechnic Institute student portal, Purdue University Global student portal, and Purdue University Online student portal. At the Purdue student portal, you can access your online classes as well as services such as housing, finances, IT, research, campus life, professional development, and transportation.

Purdue Boiler Key Two-Factor Authentication

Without setting up Purdue Boiler Key, students cannot log in to their Career Account on BrightSpace, OneCampus, or MyHousing portal accounts.

Visit this page: Purdue Boiler Key Two-Factor Authentication to create and manage your Boiler Key account. On the platform you can:

  1. Undertake initial set up of Boiler Key Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. Manage Boiler Key Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Register for Self Recovery of Boiler Key Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Undertake Self Recovery of Boiler Key Two-Factor Authentication.

How does Purdue Boiler Key Two-Factor Authentication work?

Boiler Key is a Two-Factor Authentication platform that sets up an additional layer of protection during login. 

  1. For Purdue Two-factor authentication, you begin by signing up for Boiler Key, where you create a Unique 4-digit PIN
  2. Option 1: Get the Duo Mobile App that is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Mac users and Google App Store for Android users. When logging in to their student portal, users will receive a 
  1. Notification to log in, which they can accept or deny
  2. 6-digit code generated from the Duo Mobile app by tapping “Purdue University” in the app, which they will use as follows during login: 4-digit pin,6-digit generated pin for example 0000,123456.
  1. Option 2: Hardware Token: When registering for Boiler Key, students can choose the hardware token option.
  1. During portal login, they will receive a 6-digit code generated by the system. 
  2. For this option, students will log in as follows: 4-digit pin,6-digit generated pin for example 0000,123456

Purdue BrightSpace Login

BrightSpace is the learning management system that Purdue University has deployed across its university campuses. Purdue Fort Wayne has PFW BrightSpace similar to other campuses: Purdue West Lafayette Brightspace, Purdue Global BrightSpace, and Purdue Northwest Brightspace. Here is the process for Purdue BrightSpace Login.

  1. Visit the Purdue University BrightSpace student portal.  
  2. Select your campus
Purdue BrightSpace Login
Purdue BrightSpace Login

  1. Proceed to the campus page and log in with your student credentials. Do not forget you have to use Two-Factor authentication using BoilerKey during the login process. 
Purdue Univerity Login
Purdue Univerity Login

OneCampus Purdue University  Portal

OneCampus Purdue University Portal is a campus portal by OneCampus where students can access all critical services offered by their University. At Purdue OneCampus portal, students can access a wide array of services that the university offers. 

OneCampus Purdue University Portal outlook

Here is an outlook of the Onecampus Purdue portal

outlook of the Onecampus Purdue portal
Outlook of the Onecampus Purdue portal

When you click the category button on the top-left-hand side of the portal, this is what you will access: Administrative, Financial, IT Services, Research, Academic, Campus Life, Hr & Benefits, Professional Development, and Transportation service categories. 

Category button of the Onecampus Purdue portal
Category button of the Onecampus Purdue portal

Alternatively, students can search for services using the search bar. 

Optionally, they can access the most popular services such as health insurance, finance, shop, and dining court menus among others. To access the most popular services, students should click the Home Button  on the top-left hand side of the portal.


Most popular services Onecampus Purdue portal
Most popular services Onecampus Purdue portal

Lastly, students can use the Favorites button on the top-left hand side of the portal to save their favorite services 

OneCampus Purdue Portal Login

Students can log in to the OneCampus Purdue Portal with the same logins for Purdue BrightSpace Portal. 

Purdue MyHousing Portal

The Purdue residence portal is the place to 

  1. Change Your Meal Plan for the upcoming semester
  2. Select housing for incoming undergraduate students 
  3. Select housing for new students
  4. Select Summer Housing

To Login to the portal, students can use their Purdue credentials. 

Purdue Portal Login For Parents

Parents and guardians play a critical role in the education of their children. They need to have insights into the progress of their child attending the Purdue Education campuses. 

On the Purdue portal, parents, and guardians can view and make payments as well as manage the student account.

  1. Before parents and guardians can be able to log in, they have to have received access to the student account. Students have to grant permission through the authorized user process. 
  2. After being granted permission, Use the Email link indicating the authorization of user access to set up their account
  3. For future logins, parents, guardians, and family members can visit this page: Purdue University Login For Parents