University of Houston Student Portal Guide

Learn tips to tackle University of Houston Student Portal log-in challenges. Get insights on how to best leverage your student portal.

April 24, 2023
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University of Houston Student Portal Guide

The University of Houston has a strong history of higher education excellence. The university was founded in 1927 and sits on a 895 acre property in Houston, Texas. It operates as part of the UH System, which has multiple campuses that include the University of Houston, UH-Clear Lake, UH-Downtown and UH-Victoria, and instructional sites in Katy, Northwest Houston, Pearland and Sugar Land.

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AccessUH Login

AccessUH is the student portal that UH students use to access everything that they need to excel at the University of Houston. 

Using the University of Houston portal, students can view their admission progress and financial aid requirements. On the UH portal, they can also register for classes and view their schedule, engage in online classes, and receive updates on events and upcoming deadlines. 

Top services that students can access on this portal include: Blackboard, Microsoft 365, myUH, PASS, CougarCard and Housing. 

Students can access their student portal through

  1. MyUH
  2. University of Houston CougarNet
University of Houston CougarNet Login
University of Houston CougarNet Login

How to Set Up Your MyUH Account

On application at the University of Houston, you will receive an emails about your application process that will include credentials for your MyUH. 

When logged in to MyUH, students can only access services they are eligible to access. 

How To Set Up Your CougarNet Account 

Students applying to the University of Houston do not get a CougarNet account until they have been admitted. After their admission, students will receive an email with details of their University of Houston portal's CougarNet account. Using these details, students can activate their account.

When you access your CougarNet account for the first time, you will be prompted to answer security questions and change your password. Write down these details or store them safely on your computer/online password manager. 

If you face difficulties during setting up your account, Chat with IT support or call the Support team at (713) 743-1411.

Change Your CougarNet Account Password

  1. Go to University of Houston CougarNet Password Wizard
University of Houston CougarNet Password Wizard
University of Houston CougarNet Password Wizard
  1. Enter your CougarNet ID and fill CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a robot

Change Security Questions for MyUH/CougarNet

  1. Log into AccessUH ( 
  2. Click the MyUH (self service) icon 
  3. Click Personal Information 
  4. Click  Setup Security Questions 
  5. Choose your question and response 
  6. Click Save

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