Is homework slavery? Here is what you can do about it before it gets banned

June 22, 2022

Is homework slavery? Here is what you can do about it before it gets banned


June 22, 2021

Did you know the 13th amendment protects your right to freedom? Homework denies you of this freedom, or does it?

I get it. Parents want their kids to succeed in school, and teachers want students to learn the material they are teaching as well. But homework is not a privilege or a benefit of going to school; it's just something we do because someone else thinks we should be doing it.

I remember when my mom would always ask me about how much homework I had for the day, and if she was satisfied with my response, she'd tell me that I could go outside and play! Nowadays, as soon as you leave the classroom doors you're handed another stack of assignments from your teacher...or worse yet: an assignment sheet from all your teachers (which spells out unending hours of work!).

I'm too tired of high school/college: can we get rid of homework already?

Most students are just bored of homework and wish to see it abolished from schools.

"I'm too tired for words," says Karen from Los Angeles. "Can we get rid of homework already?"

Homework eats up valuable study time that could be better used on subjects such as math class or science labs. In an era where students are expected to produce content at breakneck speeds and chock full of facts, this type

Some teachers are even considering Constitutional rights for students against their homework. "This is slavery, I'm not exaggerating," one student said about the amount of homework they have been allocated this year."

The 13th amendment to the Constitution

The 13th amendment to the Constitution, which outlawed slavery in 1865 after the Civil War, was ratified by Congress in 1866 and states: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude... shall exist within the United States."

This Constitutional Amendment has not been updated since it went into effect more than a century ago; is it time for school administrators to update their policies?

There is a lot more to homework than just completing it for the sake of completion or knowledge gain; there are some serious implications in doing so. For one thing, excessive homework can lead to unwanted school absences because students may feel too overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.

This could also put them against Constitutional rights as they would fall under involuntary servitude which prohibits anyone from being subject to labor (especially when this is not due punishment), except where such service includes work necessary for an individual's own self-protection or that protects another person’s life or health."

It also says that any person who willfully assists in enslaving or entrapping someone else can be fined $250 up to $5000 and imprisoned with an additional three years added to his current sentence. Other than being cited if they break federal law by abusing these rights.

Homework is not slavery? Contrary views to our cause of abolishing homework exist.

The Constitution is clear, so I'm going to be a bit more explicit. Homework does not count as a "punishment for crime." And homework doesn't deserve the same status as slavery in America. This isn't just one student's opinion either: it's coming from teachers and students alike, who are sick of being overworked.

Despite the claims that homework is not slavery, it pretty much feels like slavery.

"One of the most recent assignments I had was to log in to my online class and write a paper on history and government. It took me an entire day, which means that my Saturday is gone now. For what? One measly assignment." complained Sara Porter, a Milwaukee high school student. She is not alone

And maybe this doesn't seem like slavery yet, but does homework ever just stop being given? If you're not doing your homework because it's "fun" then chances are you don't have any free time anymore -- unless watching Netflix counts as time off from school work (which if so then please teach us how!).

What steps need to be taken for homework abuse to stop?

1. Teachers should not assign more than two hours of homework per night on average (about 20 minutes) and they shouldn't require students to do it at home in their free time. Assignments can also be done during class with immediate feedback from instructors when necessary

2. Students must have the option of an alternative assignment or task: if there is no other work that needs doing then there is nothing wrong with taking another break before tackling college homework again. If all professors agree on this policy change, we would see reduced rates of Constitution violations among students due to excessive stress while completing tasks

3. If professors can't come to an agreement, they should at least agree to reduce the time spent on homework and find a way for students to have more breaks in between an assignment.

4. Schools need to invest more money into eliminating Constitutional violations by providing adequate resources such as paper, pens/pencils or computers with internet access so that all students are able to complete their work without going against the Constitution."

This is how I would tackle this problem: Homework has been violating Constitutional rights since its original conception of slavery unless it's not assigned too much. Instructors should limit homework hours per week (about 20 minutes) which will give them enough time for feedback from the teacher when necessary and also cuts down

Homework is slavery: Support the movement to abolish homework

In support

I think the Constitution prohibits slavery, don't you? I'm not sure how to fix this problem--maybe if we start a petition or something like that. A petition would work wonders in supporting the cause of abolishing homework.

Actually, at you can support a petition to ban homework.  It says, "The 13th Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude; homework is an example of such a condition."

So if you agree with that--that Constitution should protect us from compulsory labor like homework--then sign the petition. And we'll see what happens from there!

All in all, I think this problem can be solved by getting people to support our cause on The Constitution protects us against slavery unless it's not assigned too much, so maybe they could make regulations about how many hours per week students are allowed to spend doing their work at school," or whatever it takes to get people interested enough in ending homework for good.

What you can do before homework gets banned

As much as students are tired of being homework slaves, they should prepare for the reality that excessive homework will not stop being dished out by professors.  

  • Start by confronting the professor. Tell him about how it's been detrimental to your studies and ask for help if possible. You may not get a good response, but it's worth a shot at trying to solve the problem early on.
  • If there are too many assignments you can search for a tutor to help you handle your grades. They are available online, but you may be able to find one in your local area search.  
  • Alternatively, you could reach out to the class nerd. parents, or siblings for homework help.
  • Finally, there is the option of taking on fewer hours at work or spending more time doing homework. It's better to stay up late for a night and do all assignments than try to cram it into an afternoon before school starts again.

All these options seem plausible but have inherent challenges.

Challenges Inherent

  • Confronting your professor will not absolve you from doing homework since the rest of your class will be completing their homework.
  • Finding a qualified and local tutor to help you work on your homework is hardly possible since most tutors require a long-term engagement.  
  • When you constantly barge your parents, siblings, and the class nerds for homework help they will begin to avoid your constant requests for homework help by claiming you are lazy.
  • Spending more time doing homework has never been a preferable option.

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Homework Slavery

as it never has been and never will be. While slavery exploits you, homework educates you. Thus, homework serves the ultimate purpose of helping pupils improve their grades.

They will acquire knowledge, and once disciplined, they will be able to pursue a vocation and achieve success. Hence quite the question who invented homework?

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Compare Homework

It is absolutely ridiculous to compare homework to slavery. Homework is nothing else but a privilege, schoolwork assigned to be done at home.

The only thing you can say is that it is almost the direct opposite of slavery. It, in turn, can help them build a self-study habit. But, too much homework for the students makes them overburdened.

As per the researchers, too much homework can cause boredom and burnout, less time for extracurricular activities and family, increase stress, and lack of sleep.

, The answer to the question: is homework slavery? No, as slavery is done for the exploitation of slaves, and giving homework or doing homework is not an exploitation activity.

If you are struggling with is homework slavery then you must understand the reasoning of giving homework and assignments

Another reason for not to is homework in slavery is that for doing slavery you don't get fair and reasonable wages but very fewer wages whereas for doing work you will get praise and it will help you to improve your grades.

If students feel that they are not getting time for playing or doing other activities, they should manage their timetable and invest their time in overall development

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