Bree Clever


Master's in Philosophy

Bachelor's of Art (history)

Bachelor's in Religious Studies

Bachelor's in philosophy


I am proficient in multiple humanities disciplines including art, history, religious studies, and philosophy. However, I am also open to dabbling in a cross-section of disciplines including healthcare, business, management, English, and English literature. I only take assignments that I am confident of delivering on time and top-notch quality. Please do feel free to contact me with any questions or requests you may have.

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Fantastic work. Thank you!

Five star work., thanks

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Fast and reliable. Awesome work.


I would recommend Bree Clever to anyone who needs help in finance or accounting. She's the best tutor I've ever had!

Bree Clever helped me with an urgent homework that I never thought it was possible to be completed before its due time. I'm so grateful for her help!