Professor Calculus


Masters of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science


I have completed a bachelor's and master's degree in mathematics because of my love for mathematics. Students who have sought my help in topics such as mathematics, computer science, engineering, and accounting have benefited from my accuracy and earned stellar grades in their classes.

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Excellent work in a time crunch! Great at communicating.

I've been working with Prof Calculus for a few months now, and I've already seen a huge improvement in my grades. He's a fantastic tutor!

Prof is just amazing!"

I was struggling with calculus and was at risk of failing, but thanks to Professor Calculus expertise, I was able to not only pass but also score an excellent grade.

I've dealt with multiple homework help sites, but Professor Calculus is as good as they come. She truly cares about students' success.

Thank you!

Great job.

Brilliant work. Thank you.

Thanks to Professor Calculus, I have been scoring awesome grades all semester. Thanks!

Amazing work as always! Thank you!